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How long does it take for the STD treatments to work?

When talking about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), it is essential to differentiate between those that can be cured and those that cannot. Bacteria and parasites cause STDs that can be cured with treatment; those caused by viruses cannot. However, they can be controlled by medical treatment. This means that chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomoniasis can be overcome after effective treatment. Following some recommendations will make the process more effective:

ü  Do not have sexual intercourse during treatment, on average, 7 to 14 days.

ü  Tell your sexual partner (s) that you have the disease, so they can also be tested and treated in time. In this way,  you will avoid reinfection and cut the chain of contagion.


Chlamydia- The medicine takes approximately seven days to work.


Gonorrhea- Medications take seven days to cure gonorrhea.


Syphilis- This disease is cured at the end of treatment and will depend on the stage of the syphilis. it should be clarified that advanced stages may cause damage to other organs and may be irreversible.


Trichomonas- With treatment this Std takes approximately one week to cure.


HPV- No medical treatment that can cure this STD. It is believed that the infection is cured by itself when the immune system overcomes it. (around 2 years after infection)

However, although it is not known with certainty whether the immune system of a healthy person can eliminate the virus, it weakens it to imperceptible thresholds. HPV lesions can be treated with medical treatment or surgery, although they may recur if the virus is still active. 


     An important fact is that with HPV, there are a series of vaccines that protect against the most frequent strains, including oncogenic strains or those that can generate premalignant lesions. Vaccination, in this case, is essential. Even if you have had some infection, you can be vaccinated to protect yourself against the other strains. If you are under 45 years of age, there is still time to get vaccinated.


Herpes (HSV)- There is no treatment to cure HSV. HSV infection is self-limited, so the lesions heal independently at an average time of one month(when there are no complications). However, medical treatment helps the lesions heal faster (7 to 10 days), besides attenuating the symptoms, which can be very painful.


People infected with these STDs should be tested three months after completing treatment. Treatments should be indicated for both the patient and their sexual partners to avoid the risk of reinfection.


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