“My experience at DNA Health was amazing, it is the nicest clinic I’ve been to overall, not just in Dubai.”

– Sinead M

DNA Client

dna client

Our journey starts with U.

First and foremost, our journey starts by spending time with you, so that we can understand your requirements and put together the right health plan. You will never feel rushed when being consulted by one of our physicians and you will receive personal attention from our medical and administration team.

Our patient centered approach is unique. We believe alongside providing leading medical advice and care, it is also crucial to provide impeccable customer service in an environment which is designed to heal and rejuvenate.

Our patient care does not stop when you leave our clinic. We aim to build long term bonds with our patients by proactively tracking your progress and working with you to reach optimum health.

Unrivalled expertise, quality of service and client satisfaction

Our team are experts in disease treatment, prevention and health management, meeting the highest international standards of medical care. We cover a wide variety of specialties, from children’s health through to Neuro-degenerative disease.

In addition, DNA Health & Wellness Centers have the region’s leading Integrative Medicine Practice, which includes naturopathic, homeopathic and functional medicine practitioners. Our services are complimented by advanced diagnostics and cutting-edge therapies, from stem cells to non-invasive cancer screening.

Alongside providing inner health & wellness, we also have an extensive aesthetics practice, which has some of the most talented plastic surgeons, dermatologists and beauty experts, covering both invasive and non-invasive treatments.

Your team

olivia prescot
Olivia Prescott

Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

A 250 Hr Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher and breathwork practitioner, Liv is a passionate believer in the amazing energy benefits of yoga and breathwork.
master can

Master Can

Master Can is a champion of martial arts throughout China and has devoted his whole life to the pursuit of martial arts and meditation.
estefa pastor

Estefa Pastor

Yin Yoga and Breathwork

Yoga has transformed Estefa’s perspective on life, helping to fight fears and guiding her towards a better version of herself, she believes yoga can heal anyone.

Prem Amit 

Sound Healing & Meditation

Prem Amit is a certified meditation facilitator from OIMR in Pune, He has been facilitating various meditations and mindfulness workshops since 2012.
Jamila 2

Jamila Alba

Front Office Manager, Registered Nurse

A healing environment

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Clinic locations

Al Wasl Road

Dubai Marina

Alserkal Avenue 

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Dr Nasr Al Jafari

Medical Director

Functional Medicine, BMBS BMedSci (Hons) MRCGP MBA DPD DFSRH DOccMed

Health and wellness has been Dr Al Jafari’s passion and at the forefront of his medical practice since the early years of his career. He quickly became disillusioned in mainstream medicine by the perpetual cycle of sicker patients and more medications. Through advanced alternative training, he began to appreciate the root causes of disease, and the underlying importance of lifestyle in the etiology of modern illness. It is his integrative approach to health, transcending beyond the field of traditional medicine, which provides patients with true holistic care.

Dr Al Jafari is originally form the UK where he worked as a Consultant Physician and Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Having moved over the UAE in 2015 and based now in Dubai, he is the Medical Director of DNA Health Clinic. Dr Al Jafari’s particular focus is in modifying lifestyle factors, optimizing long-term health and prevention of chronic disease. He offers a broad scope of cutting edge treatment strategies for both adults and children, ranging from diabetes and obesity through to autism and dementia.

‘The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in lifestyle and in the cause and prevention of disease’

Dr.Ismail Ahmed
General Practitioner

Dr.Ismail Ahmed graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University. Where he obtained his Medical Degree M.B.B.S. He has over 10 years of experience as a General Practitioner.

His main interests in family medicine practice are the management of chronic as well as acute diseases, screening, and prevention/wellness promotion for all age groups.

He joined DNA Health and Wellness to continue his medical career with great dedication to modern evidence-based family practice helping patients in various medical aspects.

Dr. Yosef Alsaieq

General Practitioner

Fluent in Arabic and English, Dr Yosef is a seasoned General Practitioner. Dr Yosef was trained and also practiced in the UK for over 10 years before coming to the UAE. He graduated from the prestigious University College London with an Undergraduate in Medical Training (MBBS) and an Intercalated B.Sc. (Hons) in International Health. He brings with him the best of British Healthcare practices, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Family Medicine. His specialties and areas of focus include Acute conditions such as Respiratory Tract Infections, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD), Gastroenteritis, Gastroesophageal Reflux, Abdominal Pain, Constipation, Lower Back Pain, Ear Infections, Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Dermatitis/Skin Rash, Acne and Headaches, and Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Obesity, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Ischemic Heart Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, Heart Failure, Thyroid disease, Preventative, Curative and Periodic Health Screening.

Dr Ivica Djupovac

General Practitioner

Dr Ivica Djupovac has practiced at a number of leading European hospitals during the early stages of his career. He has brought with him a diverse experience, establishing himself as a valuable and recognized physician in Dubai. He is admired by his patients and well recognized for his clinical acumen and professional integrity. Beside his general physician role, Dr Ivica’s preventative approach is lifestyle focused, with special interest in internal medicine, hormonal testing, allergies, food intolerance, nutrition and weight loss programmes.

Dr. Leandro Junqueira

Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Leandro is an exceptional specialist reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon who has been working in Dubai for over 13 years.

Dr. Leandro has dealt with many complicated cases, performing his surgeries not only to perfect one’s looks but also aiming to correct functional impairments, improve functioning and give a normal appearance for people after injuries and those affected by acute illnesses – facial bone fractures, burn accidents, closing skin and mucosa defects after tumor removals among other works. 

Passionate about his calling and holding more than 10 years of practice in Brazil and over 13 years here in the UAE, Dr. Leandro continues to use all his skills helping people to feel “whole” again given them the looks they wish for. 

Dr Roberto Viel
Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Roberto Viel obtained his medical degree at the University of Milan, Italy, and finished his studies in aesthetic plastic surgery in London, UK. He has been practicing as a plastic surgeon on Harley Street, with his twin brother, Dr Maurizio Viel since 1990. Dr Roberto is a speaker at international aesthetic congresses as he is one of the world’s most recognised plastic surgeons and beauty specialist and is co-author of the sold out ‘The Viel’s Beauty Bible’. For more than 20 years, he has been responsible for pioneering and introducing most of the plastic surgery procedures that are available today making them sought after not only by patients but by medical corporations to help train other surgeons and doctors globally.

Dr Roberto was among the first surgeons to introduce into the UK and UAE market the highly demanded VASER liposuction procedure used all over the world; and he also pioneered techniques for the penoplasty procedure in Europe and Middle East; and he has also been at the forefront of breast augmentation procedures and facial rejuvenation. Always striving to offer patients the best and latest procedures but reducing downtime and discomfort, Dr Viel has always pushed boundaries for patient care but with the best possible natural results.

Dr- Sanghee won

Dr Won is a South Korean acupuncturist, with a MSc in oriental medicine from Dongguk University and a DSc in oriental medicine from South Baylo University in the USA. He has a California acupuncture license, and a doctor of Cam-acupuncture from Dubai Healthcare City and brings with him over 10 years’ experience in acupuncture healing.

He has been initiated in the Korean traditional acupuncture techniques, and Buddhist Martial Art Qi-Gong. Through these practices, Dr Won realized yin-yang in nature and how to control yin-yang within the human body.
His acupuncture techniques maximize the natural healing and immune system, Qi, and aid blood circulation, giving the highest benefit to his patients without using chemical medicine or electronic medical equipment, he only uses pure needles.
His passion is not only treating apparent symptoms but he always considers the root cause of the problem, even taking into account the emotional condition of his patients as oriental medicine believes body and mind are as one, not two separate entities.

Dr. Lindsey Emerling


Dr Lindsey Emerling has over a decade of experience in acupuncture.  She graduated from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Academy located in Toronto, Canada.

On top of her acupuncture skillset, Dr Emerling completed extensive studies in various integrative medicine modalities including clinical nutritional, herbal medicine, and functional medicine. All of which help her provide a truly holistic approach to her practice.

In recent years, she has experienced the honour and rare opportunities of studying closely with two world renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians: Dr. Poney Chiang and Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha.  Being originally from Western New York, she has always prioritized holistic living with a focus on nourishing the body mind and soul in order to live optimally. 

Dr Emerling’s primary clinical focus in practice is treating women’s health conditions including hormonal imbalance, chronic headaches/migraine, orthopaedic and neurological conditions, general stress, infertility and some pregnancy related concerns.

Her approach to help patients achieve their health goals is rooted in harmonizing and optimizing the body’s innate ability to restore physiology and gain a higher level of resilience. Combining the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with functional medicine approaches, allows for a greater understanding of potential imbalances and root causes to illness.

Lindsey is often praised for her precise, comfortable, and effective acupuncture techniques which help to enhance immune function and reduce pain in the body. She is trained in various styles of Acupuncture including Auricular, Dry Needling, and Traditional Chinese.

Tina Choueiri Chagoury

Licensed Clinical Dietician and Health Behavior Educator (LD-MPH)

Tina is a clinical dietician with a master’s in public health focused on health behavior education. She has more than 20 years of clinical experience in total, and 15 years of experience in Dubai.

Tina specialises in developing personalised programmes to help clients lose weight, gain muscles, or achieve optimal health. She is also a TV nutrition expert guest speaker on MBC1 Sabah el Kheir ya Arab, focusing on parenting nutrition and positive food talk.

Rima Al Halwani
Licensed Clinical Dietitian

Rima is a Licensed clinical dietician with a (Bs.) Bachelor degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Lebanon. She has more than 14 years of experience with In-patient & Out-patient clinics at reputable hospitals & diet centers in the gulf region, mainly KSA & UAE. 

Rima is originally from Lebanon, she was born and raised in Saudi (Riyadh). In 2014, she moved to Dubai to continue her career & enrich her experience. She has been tailoring & customizing diets for weight management & various chronic diseases. Rima is dedicated in helping her patients reach their goals & maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their weight loss journey. 

Rima is passionate about nutrition, healthy cooking & fitness. She participated in various TV, radio and cooking shows to raise public awareness. She was also involved in various health webinars, workshops and creating monthly social media content. 

Rima believes that “Moderation, variety and balance is the key to a healthier you!”  

Karmen Hercigonja

Beauty Therapist

Meet Karmen, the newest member of our expert beauty and skin care team.

With over 17 years of experience from the Cayman Islands to Dubai, Karmen has acquired an expertise in bespoke skin care, beauty and laser treatments. Karmen specialises in treating concerns such as acne scars, open pores, uneven skin texture, and signs of aging.

She also enjoys curating effective skin care regimes to help her clients look and feel their best.

Olivia Prescott

Yin Yoga & Sound Healing


Liv fell in love with Yin Yoga after experiencing the transformational benefits of the deeply relaxing and gentle practice. Her Yin Yoga sessions will help you let go of your everyday stress, while soothing your body and mind to cultivate inner peace.
Liv has a background of working closely with communities in remote parts of Africa, Asia and South America, which has allowed her to appreciate fully the importance of living at one with nature and how being part of a community enhances our physical and mental health. Liv truly believes that practicing yoga and breathwork builds the connection between your mind and body, as well as the interconnectedness to each other and the entire world.
Always ready to guide you with a smile, Liv hopes that you will take the benefits of your practice with her on the mat into your everyday life.
Master Can
Master Can is a champion of martial arts throughout China and has devoted his whole life to the pursuit of martial arts and meditation.
Since 2013 he has taught students in Dubai, Holland, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Kuwait, Azerbaijan and more. Many of his long-term international students desired to understand the deeper aspects and wisdom of the Zen Buddhist tradition. Thus, Master Can decided to leave his global journey and return to China to set up his own academy where students can learn both the physical martial arts as well as immerse themselves into the spiritual side of these ancient arts and Zen culture.

Estefa Pastor


Yin Yoga and Breathwork

Yoga has transformed Estefa’s perspective on life, helping to fight fears and guiding her towards a better version of herself, she believes yoga can heal anyone.

After spending one month in Rishikesh, India, Estefa received her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certification, followed by a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand, a few years later. She is frequently attending workshops and seminars to continue to deepen her knowledge and evolve her practice.
Understanding the importance of bringing some Yin into our stressful lives, she completed a 50-hour Yin Yoga Training, a Sound Healing certification, and level 2 of Reiki, in Dubai. She runs monthly Sound healing sessions where the vibrations of her Gong and Tibetan bowls will help you reach a deep state of relaxation.
Estefa’s kindness reflects through her classes, where a combination of alignment, breathing and mindfulness will take you to a level of bliss. She combines purposeful sequencing, detailed verbal cues and expert hands on assists to help her students find a holistic experience within their yoga practice. But expect a zest of humour and a pinch of Spanish accent too!
Prem Amit
Sound Healing & Meditation

Prem Amit is a certified meditation facilitator from OIMR in Pune, He has been facilitating various meditations and mindfulness workshops since 2012. Prem was part of the UAE Meditates organizing team under which free community meditations are organized for the community in Dubai from 2014 till 2016. He offers different meditation practices to the community at large through diverse techniques which includes breathwork, bodywork, sound, dance and even laughter. He is also a hypnotherapist with deep interests in Sufi meditation practices and also Tantra practices. Prem conducts individual and group sessions for Meditations, mindfulness, relaxation, Stress relief, Anger Management, Emotional wellbeing. Being a Sufi by heart he practices and shares these experiences and learnings with the community at large thus creating awareness for spirituality through actual practice. He has been practicing yoga since early childhood and has also completed a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher training course.

Prem Amit has been conducting sound healing meditations including private sessions for individuals and groups. He also conducts Sound Healing practitioner training in Dubai. He has been trained by master Shri from Nepal in Kathmandu valley including Sound Vibration training with Manan Sharma. For sound healing he uses different tools including the Tibetan Singing bowls, the Crystal Bowls, the Tuning Forks and others. The sound and vibrations created through these tools heal the body, mind, heart and deeper soul.