Hormone optimisation is a key part to maintaining a high quality of life and improving longevity

As we age hormone levels will decline, which can result in a variety of troublesome symptoms and signs. In our clinics both men and women consistently feel better and enjoy improved health span through our hormonal optimisation programs.

Unfortunately, many patients needlessly suffer due to the condition being under-recognised and therefore often not considered or tested for. It is not uncommon to wrongly get told that levels are normal and miss out on much needed treatment.

Symptoms of low hormones

Is hormonal therapy for you?

There is no one-is-fits-all, which is why we take a holistic approach utilising a symptom-based, data-driven approach to your individualised treatment plan.

We’re dedicated to assisting you in restoring and balancing your hormone levels through a range of treatment options to suit all individuals, including injections, creams and capsules. 


In men, increasing testosterone and reducing estrogen levels can increase lean muscle mass and bone density and reduce fat mass, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy body composition. In addition, optimising testosterone levels can improve sex drive and mood. 

For women, optimising hormone levels, especially post-menopause, is crucial for improving quality of life. Balancing female hormones will improve mood, decrease unwanted side effects like weight gain, vaginal dryness, and hot flashes.

Our Clinic

Our Hormonal Health Clinic is globally recognised for delivering a client-centred approach to deliver gold standard treatment. Safety and effectiveness are our prime goals. We use the most up-to-date guidelines and make them even more effective with more thorough monitoring and more progressive treatment options.

We provide you with the lifestyle support and treatment to help you attain a sustainable change through a comprehensive health improvement plan.

How it works


Contact our Client Care Team

One of our team members will be on hand to assist you via either phone, WhatsApp or email


Schedule your consultation

Our staff will schedule an in-depth consultation & examination with the doctor either virtually or at one of our four conveniently located clinics throughout Dubai


Doctor Visit

Discuss your symptoms and medical history with your doctor. Determine which labs need to be performed

Start your Regimen


Based on your history, test results and personal preferences, your doctor will tailor a regimen that’s suited to you.  

Track your Progress


You will enjoy direct access to your personal doctor, who will be on hand 24/7. The appropriate labs and follow-up visits are routinely performed to ensure your hormones are optimised.  

Hormones are our expertise


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