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Dr. Leandro Junqueira is a world-class Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Top Plastic Surgeon in Dubai.

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Dr. Junqueira is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who’s passionate about using all of his skills to help his patients to feel “whole” again. He strongly believes in not just treating and caring for the physical side of his patients, but the emotional side as well.

As head-consultant and medical director in Dubai for six years, Dr Junqueira made a lot of procedures in approximate twenty thousand patients distributed in more then hundred countries around the world. With this huge experience Dr Junqueira is ready to share it to his colleagues aboard the world his techniques that have giving to his patients high levels of satisfaction and interaction.

Dr Junqueira has special feelings about aesthetic procedures since from his residence training in plastic surgery in Brazil. During that time breaking barriers of plastic surgery’s “view”, He believed in the small and non invasive procedures would be the future of youth.

He has more than 18 years of experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, and has performed more than 10,000 procedures over the last decade, working diligently to restore form and function.

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Plastic surgery is a specialized field of medicine focused on altering, reconstructing, or repairing parts of the body. It can be divided into two main categories: cosmetic surgery, which is performed to improve appearance and self-esteem, and reconstructive surgery, which is carried out to repair defects or injuries.

Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is a personal and complex decision. It is right for you if you are in good health, have realistic expectations, and wish to improve your appearance for your own satisfaction, not to fulfil someone else’s desires or to fit an ideal image.

As with any surgery, plastic surgery carries risks such as infection, bleeding, scarring, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. Specific procedures may have additional risks. A qualified plastic surgeon will discuss these risks with you and help you weigh them against the benefits.

Preparation for plastic surgery involves following your surgeon’s instructions, which may include getting lab tests, taking or avoiding certain medications, and quitting smoking. You should also arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and help you during your recovery.

Recovery varies depending on the procedure and individual patient. Generally, it involves rest, avoiding strenuous activities, taking prescribed medications to aid healing and reduce the risk of infection, and attending follow-up appointments with your surgeon.

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