Performance and Anti-Aging

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone deficiencies and imbalances are common and often cause symptoms such as mood disorders, weight gain, inability to gain muscle mass and fatigue.

DNA Health offers state-of-the-art hormonal diagnostics to accurately diagnose the root cause and develop an effective treatment plan to rectify your hormonal imbalance. Our hormone replacement therapies inlcude hCG, HGG, bio-identical creams, as well as short and long-acting injections.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a safe, effective and natural method of detoxification and can be used to treat a range of health concerns. The therapy helps treats diseases and infections by inactivation of bacteria, while stimulating oxygen metabolism and activating the immune system.

A few benefits of ozone therapy include:

Stem Cells

DNA Health, in partnership with Bioscience Institute, offer the most advanced personalized expanded adipose derived stem cell therapies. The premium service in Regenerative Medicine includes cryopreservation and expansion of stem cells for personalized anti-aging treatments, aesthetic plastic surgery, hair regeneration and wound care.

Sports Nutrition

A well formulated sports nutrition program is key in helping both social and competitive athletes achieve their goals. Examples of individual goals include gaining lean mass, improving body composition or enhancing athletic performance. Our team will help you select the right program for you, that is essential and specific to each individual, including food type, caloric intake, nutrient timing, fluids and supplementation.

Cancer Prevention and Monitoring

The accumulation of mutations in the DNA of a cell leads to deregulation of its physiological functions resulting in uncontrolled growth eventually leading to cancer development. Once established, tumors shed DNA that can reach the circulatory system (circulating-free DNA or cfDNA). Thus, monitoring the emergence of mutations present in cfDNA, based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), allows for the detection of cancer at very early stages. Early stage tumors with no metastatic spread have a significant better chance to be successfully treated.

Screening performed on a regular base provides a mutation frequency monitoring system and a risk assessment for tumor incidence. In the last decade, the NGS technology has revolutionized medical genetics and pathology allowing to inexpensively sequence the human genome at high speed and accuracy.

Based on a single blood test, this premium service utilises ‘Liquid Biopsy’ for the solid cancer risk assessment, early detection and monitoring of cancer targeted therapy.

IV Therapy

Our IV infusions are freshly-prepared based on your requirements and are packaged in BPA-free glass bottles to ensure that you receive the safest, highest-quality drips exactly when you need it.

We offer IV infusions that treat various concerns, such as:

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