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STI/STD Screenings

DNA Health Clinic understands the issues and concerns of patients suffering from STDs. We provide:

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is a condition where a person is unable to get and maintain an erection firm enough for sex. Occasional erection problems are not always a cause for concern. However, if the problem is recurrent in nature, it can result in reduced quality of life due to stress, low self-confidence and relationship problems. ED may also indicate underlying health conditions and is a potential risk factor of heart disease. Symptoms may include:

If you are concerned about erectile dysfunction, book a confidential consultation with our urology experts. Early diagnosis and treatment of underlying issues could reverse the effects of ED. In other cases, direct treatments may be prescribed.

Hormone Replacment Therapy

Hormone deficiencies and imbalances are common and often cause symptoms such as mood disorders, weight gain, inability to gain muscle mass and fatigue.

DNA Health offers state-of-the-art hormonal diagnostics to accurately diagnose the root cause and develop an effective treatment plan to rectify your hormonal imbalance. Our hormone replacement therapies include hCG, HGH, bio-identical creams, as well as short and long-acting injections. 

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