Mental Health

Psychology (Psychotherapy)

Our team of clinical psychologists, and psychotherapists work with individuals, couples, families and children to aid in overcoming mental health and emotional issues. We utilize a variety of therapies and treatments to help you address your feelings, deal with inner conflicts, and cope with grief and distress. Some common concerns that we help patients overcome include: 


DNA Health’s team of highly qualified, consultant psychiatrists who are medical doctors with specific training in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment of mental illnesses; are licensed to prescribe medication based on an individual’s mental health needs.

Our Psychiatrists help patients deal with a range of mental health concerns and emotional issues, such as:


Our counselling services allow patients to talk to their counsellor about their specific concerns and come to a resolution or approach to tackling these issues.

During your session, advice is not dispensed, but the counsellor takes the role of a guide to facilitate positive change. Patients can use the safe, confidential and non-judgmental setting of the session to freely explore their unique concerns.

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