A non-invasive Prenatal Test or NIPT is performed to check if your unborn child possesses certain chromosome markers that determine if your child might be at risk of Down Syndrome, Edward Syndrome, or other genetic birth abnormalities.

We recommend taking an NIPT if the either or both of the parents have been diagnosed with the above genetic abnormalities, or have a prevalence of these abnormalities in the family history.

The test is extremely accurate and completely safe for the baby as it uses the mother’s blood to find the genetic abnormalities of the unborn child.

DNA and Genetic Profiling

We offer a full suite of DNA & genetic testing, including:

Pre-marital Risk Assessments

For couples considering marriage, pre-marital screening helps identify potential health problems and risks for themselves and also their offspring. It is vital for couples to be screened in order to aid them to understand their genetics and help them take the necessary precautions or treatments.

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