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With over 35 years of medical experience DNA Health is recognized as the leading Health and Wellness Clinic in Dubai. Located on the tranquil ground of the Al Qasr Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah, DNA Health is the only Specialised Functional Medicine Center in the UAE, with leading international practitioners.

Recognising the growing need for convenient ‘At Home Service’ for our clients, DNA Health has launched its premium HomeCare service, which offers the same quality of service you would receive at our Flagship Clinic in Jumeirah.

Licensed by the Dubai Health Authority, our highly skilled DNA HomeCare Doctors and Nurses provide health and wellness check-ups and laboratory testing from the convenience of your home.

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Making HomeCare Simple


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Select the service you require and book your HomeCare consultation.


Phone Consultation

Speak to one of our dedicated HomeCare Nurses by Phone, Email or WhatsApp who will provide clear guidance on the service you require. Provide your Home address and the time which you wish us to visit.


HomeCare Service

One of our Doctors or Nurses will visit your home for your appointment. For HomeCare Laboratory testing one of our highly professional Nurses will visit you and take blood, urine, swab or stool samples safely back to our clinic for testing.



You booking completed. If its a laboratory test, we will email you the results and advice on the further steps. You can pay either with cash or credit card and will be emailed an invoice.

DNA HomeCare brings the premium service of our
award winning clinic to your home

Let us come to you. Easy to access dedicated HomeCare Services

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31st March

DNA HomeCare
Health & Wellness

DNA HomeCare uses the latest laboratory testing or the highest standards. Your samples are collected from your home and safely transported to our dedicated laboratories testing. Following which, we will email you your results via an encrypted PDF file.

If you need to speak to a doctor following your results we can arrange an appointment for you.

Test Collection Method In Clinic Cost
At Home Cost
Food Sensitivities
Food sensitivity (216) Serum 1400 1580
Food sensitivity (184) Bloodspot 2200 2380
Food sensitivity (96) Bloodspot 1450 1630
Candida lgA/lgM/lgG Bloodspot 1280 1460
Nutrient & Toxins Hair 950 1130
Amino Acids 20 Bloodspot 1850 2030
DNA Testing
Weight Loss DNA Buccal Swab 770 950
Skin: Anti-Aging DNA Buccal Swab 770 950
Fitness DNA Buccal Swab 770 950
Food Intolerance DNA Buccal Swab 770 950
DNA Health Buccal Swab 2200 2380
Methylation DNA Buccal Swab 950 1130
Ancestry & Paternity Tests
Family Finder Buccal Swab 1000 1180
Comprehensive Male Buccal Swab 5500 5680
Comprehensive Female Buccal Swab 2750 2930
Y-111 Buccal Swab 3000 3180
Mit-DNA Buccal Swab 2000 2180
Whole Exome Sequencing Buccal Swab 18700 18880

Offer Expires On
31st March

DNA HomeCare
IV Therapy

IV Infusion Therapy is one of the most fast and effective ways to treat vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If you are looking for an energy and fitness boost, suffering from jetlag or your hair and skin is looking tired the DNA Health IV Infusions can instantly help you. Now you can have this service in the comfort of your own home.

The quality of ingredients and experience of the medical staff is crucial when administering IV Infusions. DNA Health offers THE ONLY Ministry of Health approved IV Infusions in Dubai, prepared by Revitalife Drip Compounding Pharmacy. Our IV Infusions are freshly prepared on the day of your treatment using the highest quality ingredients and administered by our highly specialized DHA registered medical team.

20% Off
Single Session
25% Off
Package of 4
IV Treatment In Clinic
At Home
In Clinic
At Home
Amino Acids 780 960 2910 3630
Anti-Stress 1080 1260 4050 4770
Blood Boost + Iron 1120 1300 4200 4920
Cardio Support 1120 1300 4200 4920
Diabetic Support 1250 1430 4680 5400
DMSO + MSM 625 805 2340 3060
Energy Boost + Fitness 1080 1260 4050 4770
Female Balance 1080 1260 4050 4770
Glowing Skin 1080 1260 4050 4770
Gut Healer 1080 1260 4050 4770
Hair Regenerate 1120 1300 4200 4920
Immune Boost 1080 1260 4050 4770
Liver Detox 1120 1300 4200 4920
Memory Boost 1120 1300 4200 4920
Vitamin Mix 1080 1260 4050 4770

Biocare Vitamins
& Minerals

Discover The Biocare® Range Of High Quality Supplements

30 years developing an extensive range of the highest quality supplements available, created to meet the nutritional needs of each individual. Biocare uses constant research and the best possible ingredients to develop new formulas and extremely effective nutritional solutions that can offer you the additional support you need to keep you healthy every day.

Order your Biocare products through DNA HomeCare for home delivery. Delivery charge of AED80. For orders over AED400 will be free delivery

Vitamin Action Price (AED)
Mega EPA Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Femforte Multivitamin Female Multivitamins
One a Day plus Multivitamin Multivitamins
Liquid Methyl B-Complex
Magnesium Powder (Magnesium citrate and Malate)
Spectrumzyme (borad spectrum enzyme complex) Digestive Enzymes
Liquid Zinc plus Ascorbate
Liquid Iodine
Glutathione Complex Anti-oxidant
Hepaguard Forte Liver Detox
Every Day Bioacidophillus Probiotic 10 billion strains
Collagen Complex Hair, Nails and Skin


“I'm glad I came across DNA Health that does health and wellness tests at home. The process was fairly simple – just booked my appointment and they came to me. The staff were really good, answered all the questions I had and delivered my results way sooner than I expected. I couldn’t be happier with the HomeCare services provided by DNA Health.”


“Thanks to DNA Health for taking such good care of me, having the homecare service. I am very pleased with the nurse who have visited my home. It was very convenient to have my 2nd IV session at home itself. Outstanding service, I will definitely recommended you to several others.

Amara Khan


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