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At DNA Health we focus on achieving healthy, sustainable weight loss. Our innovative methods use a functional medicine approach, where we conduct detailed assessments in order to identify the root cause of your weight gain.

Time and time again, traditional ‘one size fits all’ weight loss regimes which focus solely on nutrition (calorie reduction) and physical activity (calorie deficit) fail to understand the body’s complexity, and the multiple interactions which influence weight management: genetics, metabolism, hormones, mineral or vitamin deficiencies, digestive system disorders or food intolerances: to name a few.

DNA Health is led by Dr Al Jafari who is a pioneering functional medicine doctor specialising in tailored weight loss solutions. Each client receives a bespoke program, specific to their weight loss needs, proving very effective outcomes.

DNA Health is fully integrated with the wellness resort located in the grounds of Al Qasr. This unique offering allows us to provide truly holistic interventions, integrating all aspects of weight loss: medical, nutrition, cooking classes, exercise, relaxation, detoxification, and bio-cosmetics, all in one location.

Weight Loss Programme Includes:

  • Functional medicine and lifestyle consultation
  • Weight loss goals and interventions discussed
  • Full Metabolic Evaluation (CMP)
  • Genetic testing to identify your DNA profile specifically for weight loss
  • Body composition analysis
  • Mind-Body-Spirit integration, stress management and sleep restoration
  • Nutritional consultations
  • Optional cooking classes
  • Functional medicine comprehensive consultation with follow up
  • Holistic Lifestyle Written Plan

DNA Health has a number of Weight Loss Programmes. We can also create a Programme for you depending on your requirements. Please contact us to discuss which plan would be right for you.

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…traditional ‘one size fits all’ weight loss regimes which focus solely on nutrition (calorie reduction) and physical activity (calorie deficit) fail to understand the body’s complexity…

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite my dieting and exercise, I can’t lose weight…

The human body is far more complex than just a simple calorie scale. In fact, the calorie model of weight loss demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of how weight management actually works. Our body composition is determined by many factors, including genetics, metabolism and hormones. For this very reason, there is no one approach that suits everyone and certainly no one diet that fits all.

Our multi—specialist team utilizes an evidence-based approach to weight management. Furthermore, we incorporate detailed functional analyses in combination with tailored lifestyle management programs.

At DNA health we provide the support, education and guidance necessary to help you achieve sustainable weight loss naturally, often with just simple lifestyle modifications.

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At DNA Health and Wellness we follow all the regulations set out by the Dubai Health Authority and beyond to ensure that you are in a safe environment. Watch the video on our home page to see all the precautions we have taken to ensure your safety.

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DNA Health & Wellness remains open.