360⁰ Health and Wellness

At DNA Health we treat the cause, and not the symptoms, focusing on the body as a whole, and putting you on the path to sustained optimum wellbeing, which we call ‘Functional Vitality’.

Our functional medicine approach uses advanced diagnostics and clinical therapies, complemented by centuries-old Eastern healing traditions and philosophies. Our approach has proven to transform lives of many of our clients - treating and preventing illness and making long term behavioral changes which will help you lead an optimum life.

DNA Health is 360⁰ Health and Wellness clinic with everything you need to put you on the path to wellness, which includes functional medicine, lifestyle, nutrition, cooking, medical aesthetics, meditation, yoga, fitness facilities, all located on the most luxurious Jumeirah Al Qasr Hotel ground, in the shadow of the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai.

Health & Wellness Screening

Lifestyle and Nutrition

Fertility, Women and Men’s Health

Child Health

Weight Loss

Gut Health


IV Therapy and Detox

COVID 19 Update

You Are In Safe Hands!

At DNA Health and Wellness we follow all the regulations set out by the Dubai Health Authority and beyond to ensure that you are in a safe environment. Watch the video on our home page to see all the precautions we have taken to ensure your safety.

Covid-19 Update

DNA Health & Wellness remains open.

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