1Will my visit be covered by health insurance?
We will work with you to attain reimbursement from your insurance company depending on your policy. Although DNA Health Center cannot guarantee reimbursement, many clients achieve full reimbursement for their testing. However DNA Health does not have direct billing with health insurance companies.
2How is it different to integrative, traditional, complementary and alternative medicine?
Functional (or integrative) medicine is a more patient-centered approach than traditional medicine, which tends to focus only on disease and drugs. Complementary or alternative medicine therapies, such as homeopathy are often incorporated along with therapies from traditional medicine. In many ways, functional medicine offers the best of both.
3What can functional testing reveal?
Functional medicine takes a multi-systems scientific approach to wellness and considers the body as whole. Factors such as our genetics, environment and psychological status influence our overall well-being. By understanding these factors with detailed bio-markers, we are able to gain an in-depth insight into an individual’s blueprint, enabling us to devise tailored treatment plans.
4Where are the tests performed?
All samples are collected at DNA Health in Dubai (unless overseas patients wish for us to arrange collection in their home country). The lab work is conducted in the U.S. and Europe at internationally accredited labs.
5Why does DNA Health send its’ samples to a lab in the U.S. for testing?
To ensure the highest standards of quality. Furthermore some of the unique tests carried out by DNA Health are only available via such advanced laboratories.

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