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What is functional medicine?
Functional medicine is the science of creating optimal health by treating the underlying causes of diseases, not just the symptoms. Functional medicine doctors spend extra time with their patients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that can influence their health and diseases.
How is it different to integrative, traditional, complementary and alternativemedicine?
Functional (or integrative) medicine is a more patient-centered approach than traditional medicine, which tends to focus on the disease. Complementary or alternative medicine therapies, such as homeopathy are often incorporated along with therapies from traditional medicine. In many ways, functional medicine offers the best of both.
Will my appointment be covered by health insurance and what does it cost?
This depends upon the particular insurance plan. The cost of basic packages starts from about 1000 AED but we will work with you to review your financial resources and the options available. However DNA Health does not directly deal with health insurance companies.
Where are the tests performed?
All samples are collected at DNA Health in Dubai (unless overseas patients wish for us to arrange collection in their home country). The lab work is conducted in the U.S. and Europe at internationally accredited labs.
Why does DNA Health send its’ samples to a lab in the U.S. for testing?
To ensure the highest standards of quality. Furthermore some of the unique tests carried out by DNA Health are only available by such advanced laboratories.
What can DNA testing reveal?
Aside from telling you about your ancestry, DNA tests are now being used in a number of enlightening ways in modern medicine. Risk factors for disease can be determined which enables the person to take preventative action, particularly useful where a family history indicates cause for concern. Information about existing diseases can be gleaned enabling physicians to customize treatment for individual sufferers, in terms of which drugs will work best and which foods are best included and avoided. Weight loss is in large part, also shaped by our genes. Understanding these factors, determining an individual’s blueprint enables us to tailor a specific treatment plan for each person. This is the new science called “epigenetics”, namely how we can modify gene expression to prevent disease. DNA Health specializes in this field of medicine.