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  • Detailed screening and assessment
  • Multidisciplinary medical team consultation
  • A unique and tailored plan for your body
  • Let your body function at it’s best

Preventing Diabetes Programme

Are you concerned about risks for diabetes? Do you have any symptoms such as constant thirst, urinary frequency or constant fatigue? Are you overweight or do you have any close family relatives with diabetes?

DNA Clinic’s Preventing Diabetes Programme identifies the development of diabetes at an early stage. Our screening programme includes comprehensive blood analysis, indepth scrutinity of your food intolerences, body composition analysis, assessment of your toxic load, heavy metals and a cardio-fitness evaluation by the team at Talisse Fitness. Following your detailed screening, our multi disciplinary medical team will develop an individualised plan for you to follow to ensure you are on the ath for lifelong health & wellness.

  • Welcome to DNA
    • Registration
    • Personalised plan
    • Introduction to facilities
  • Consultation with Full Medical Team
    • Functional Medicine Doctor
    • Naturopathic and Homeopathic Practitioner
    • Nutritionist
  • Sample Collection for Tests
    (Guests must come fasting for 12 hours – water only)
    • Vital signs review
    • Comprehensive blood analysis
    • Advanced cholestrol testing
    • Food sensitivities and intolerance test
    • Body composition analysis
    • Detailed toxins and minerals analysis
  • Consultation with Nutritionist/ Lifestyle coach
    • Assessment of current diet and lifestyle
    • Setting nutritional goals
    • Preparation of dietary plan
  • Cardio Fitness Evaluation at Talise Fitness,Madinat Jumeirah
  • Detailed Review of Test Results
    • Review of test results with full medical team
    • Recommendations and next steps
    • Detailed dietary, lifestyle and medical plan provided
  • Follow-Up Skype Call with Medical Team
    • Check progress
    • Further recommendations
    • Amendments to medical plan
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Case Studies

It was a life changing experience for me and my husband! The clinic is a first class operation, well run and the employees are efficient and friendly. I would never have known how to live a healthy lifestyle and keep my sugar levels normal and get the most out of every day of my life. Thank you for the expert care provided!

Kallem R.

While on a business trip to Dubai a friend recommended DNA health. The doctors and nurses were outstanding and very professional. I left feeling looser and lighter than I had felt in a long time. They personally took care of me and I loved the whole consultation. After following the assessment, saw my blood sugar levels return to normal.

Daniel Ross