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  • Highlight potential causes of toxicity
  • Specially formulated detox juices
  • A unique and tailored plan for your body
  • Let your body function at it’s best

Revitalize Your Body & Mind

Our bodies are exposed to a vast number of toxins on a daily basis, so detoxifying and healing have never been more important. True detox occurs at the cellular level, and can only be addressed with a complete and thorough understanding of the factors affecting the health of the cells. Our Detox and Rejuvination programme will first highlight potential causes of toxicity in your body by taking into consideration presence of any heavy metals and food sensitivities and will then cleanse your body with our specially formulated detox juices. Our expert multidiscipilinary team will help you formulate a plan to ensure that your body’s detox mechanisms are functioning at their best.

  • Welcome to DNA
    • Registration
    • Introduction to facilities
  • Consultation with Full Medical Team
    • Functional Medicine Doctor
    • Naturopathic and Homeopathic Practitioner
    • Nutritionist
  • Sample Collection for Tests
    (Guests must come fasting for 12 hours – water only)
    • Vital signs review
    • Food sensitivities and intolerance test
    • Comprehensive blood analysis
    • Adrenal stress panel and carcadian cortisol
    • Body composition analysis
    • Detailed toxins and minerals analysis
  • Special Detox Juices Provided
  • Consultation with Nutritionist/ Lifestyle coach
    • Assessment of current diet and lifestyle
    • Setting nutritional goals
    • Preparation of dietary plan
  • Special Detox Juices Provided
  • Detailed Review of Test Results
    • Review of test results with full medical team
    • Recommendations and next steps
    • Detailed dietary, lifestyle and medical plan provided
  • Special Detox Juices Provided
  • Follow-Up Skype Call with Medical Team
    • Check progress
    • Further recommendations
    • Amendments to medical plan
Detox Juices
For the best results, we recommend the Detiox & Rejuvination programme is completed over 3 consective days, However, we can adjust the programme to suit your scheduling needs.

Case Studies

I feel so much better after the 3 day detox plan DNA Health helped me with. My body feels replenished and I can literally feel all the bad toxins are gone from my bloodstreem. I feel active, alert, and healthier than I ever was before. Definitely going to do this once in a few months.

Sandra M.

The doctors and nurses at DNA are the most amazing bunch of people ever. They were so friendly and professional at the same time. Each one did their part well right from the consultation to the end of my Detox and Rejuvination plan. They personally took care of me and I loved the whole treatment. Thank you DNA health!

Abdullah K.