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Welcome to DNA Health

DNA Health is underpinned by the latest thinking in advanced functional medicine, which it delivers through a staff of US and European trained and certified specialists following the latest US protocols. At DNA Health we are committed to providing a service of the highest standards.

Functional (or integrative) medicine is an evolution of the practice of medicine that better addresses today's healthcare needs. As lifestyles in the 21st century become more sedentary, more stressful and as exposure to toxins and chemicals increases, patterns of disease are shifting. Not only are we increasingly aware of the role of lifestyle on health, but of the importance of treating both body and mind as a whole. Thoughts and emotions can manifest in real physical symptoms in the body. Psychological stress has been shown to be directly connected to a number of health problems such as heart disease, compromised immune function and premature aging. The holistic approach of treating the person as a whole is intrinsic to functional medicine.

Functional medicine combines the very latest in clinical therapies and advanced diagnostics from Western medicine with centuries-old Eastern healing traditions and philosophies. DNA Health does this seamlessly by bringing together a team of multidisciplinary specialists under one roof. Physicians, naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractics and nurses who collaborate to deliver a unique and comprehensive blueprint for health for each patient.

At DNA Health, we use functional medicine to address the underlying causes of disease, not simply treat the symptoms. We seek to understand not only what the diagnosis and treatment are, but why that person has that disease, which requires examining interconnectivities, spending more time with the patient, digging deeper into the origins of disease and health.

Furthermore, through our cutting-edge genetic testing we are able to take a preventative approach to healthcare by predicting risk of developing diseases and advising measures to prevent them.

Using this holistic approach we tailor treatment in a personalized way.

Our patient-centered approach refers to health care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values, empowering the patient to take ownership of their healing. Our guests can therefore manage their own wellness, in partnership with us, who serve as guides to assist them in their journey towards optimal health and vitality.

DNA Health is the UAE's first Luxury Health Center. With natural, harmonious interiors inspired by the tranquility and fluidity of nature, DNA Health, independently located within Talise Spa at the Jumeirah Al Qasr Hotel provides a transformative space for guests seeking healing and rejuvenation in the luxurious grounds of the 5 star Hotel.